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Li Chongyin

Li Chongyin
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Prof. Li Chongyin, a well-known scientist in atmospheric science and climate dynamics, was born in Daxian, Sichuan Province on 15 April 1940, the Han nationality. After graduation from the Department of Applied Geophysics, University of Science and Technology of China in 1963, he has been engaged in atmospheric science research all along in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He is vice chairman of Academic Committee at the IAP/CAS (1988- ), chairman of Dynamical Meteorology Committee at the Chinese Meteorology Society (1987- ) and general-secretary of the Chinese Climate Research Committee (1999- ). He was the member of International Commission for Dynamical Meteorology (1991-2002) and the member of CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (1997-1999).


Prof. Li Chongyin has achieved systematic and innovative achievements in the frontier fields of atmospheric science, such as in tropical meteorology, dynamics of atmospheric low frequency oscillation and the ENSO cycle dynamics. Particularly he made outstanding contributions to push the development of tropical meteorology and climatic dynamics. In the studies on atmospheric low frequency oscillation, he systematically demonstrated the characteristics of atmospheric low frequency oscillation, advanced the theory and dynamical mechanism on the atmospheric low frequency teleconnection / low frequency remote response. In the studies on dynamics of the atmospheric intraseasonal oscillation, he advanced and consummated the CISK wave theory of tropical intraseasonal oscillation (MJO). He indicated at first in the world that the convection heating feedback (CISK) is an important mechanism to excite tropical intraseasonal oscillation and then he showed the importance of the CISK-Rossby wave to drive tropical intraseasonal oscillation as well as the CISK-Kelvin wave. In the studies on ENSO cycle dynamics, he not only indicated the important effects of the ENSO on the temperature and precipitation in eastern China, and the activity of typhoon over the western Pacific, but also more important got innovative achievement in the occurrence mechanism of El Nino event. He revealed the important impact of anomalous winter monsoon in East Asia on the occurrence of ENSO. He also indicated that the premonition of an El Nino event is in the equatorial western Pacific region, the subsurface ocean temperature anomaly in the warm pool and its eastward propagation play a key role in occurrence of the ENSO. Thus a new concept on essence of the ENSO is advanced, i.e., ENSO is exactly the cycle of subsurface ocean temperature anomalies in the tropical Pacific driven by zonal wind anomalies over the equatorial center-western Pacific, which mainly results from anomalous East-Asian winter monsoon. In the studies on satellite remote sensing theory, he indicated the problem of infrared remote sensing for atmospheric humidity in the United States and advanced concrete plan to develop meteorological satellite in China. Through some computations, he still discovered the trouble with a certain satellite in China and advanced solving method. He also achieved a series of achievements in the typhoon dynamics and tropical meteorology.

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